Yes, you must login to purchase a product.

Scalapay is an innovative payment method that allows the customer to buy in online stores and in stores, immediately receive the products and pay in 3 convenient equal installments with a monthly expiry. The service has no additional costs for the customer if the installments are paid by the due date.

Normally your order is canceled if, after making a purchase and choosing the bank transfer as payment method, the credit of the aforementioned transfer has not been credited within 3 working days from the date of issue of the order on our account.

Regarding shipments, please refer to the pageshipments

When the shipment is registered in the BRT courier database, you will receive an email from us with the tracking number and an email and a text message from BRT. The link to track the shipment is also present in your account.

It could happen in cases where the address has not been filled in correctly (it is very important to write the street and house number in the address bar, do not write the house number in the next bar (apartment, etc ...)!), Or if the name on the doorbell does not match the name on the shipment.

You will be contacted directly by BRT, or we will make the necessary changes to the address to reschedule the shipment.

You will be contacted if any problems arise (for example, total lack of house number when filling in your address).

For the return, please refer to the page onrefund information

The advice is asked to your influbeauty, or if you don't have one, contact our Camilla, just click on the Whatsapp icon present in all the pages of the site

An Influbeauty is one of our representatives, specially trained to give you all its support, before, during and after consulting for the purchase of specific products for you

If you are interested in becoming an influbeauty, contact the influbeauty who made you discover our world through social media.

You must contact your Influbeauty reference (if instead you have not received advice, we remind you that you must contact our Camilla, through the appropriate whatsapp button on the site). We will then assess the extent of the defect and if it is actually found we will send you the replacement product at no additional cost.