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The Decoctions


      The art of decoction is as old as human knowledge:already Hippocrates, after having visited
      the sick went to the back room and prepared benefits with roots, twigs and bark
      decoctions. A skill that is not improvised, but is slowly built over time with
      study and dedication:each drug has precise nuances capable of giving the preparation
      unique properties.
      From the careful choice of raw materials, to the search for the right synergy of at least ten
      plants, the selection of parts and characteristics of drugs, the right methodology of
      extraction of every single part of the plant are just some of the secrets kept in the
      "IL DECOTTO"workshops.
      In fact, there are different methods for making a good decoction but only the
      expert hand of a master can make manifest the noblest qualities!
      Each of our Decoctions is a blend of 100% pure phytoextracts, in fact there are none of them
      internal no chemical components (preservatives) no alcohol, no sugar, only ready-to-use nature
      Each of them has unique characteristics of its kind, suitable for restoring balance
      excesses or deficiencies of the organism taking care of the body in a totally way
      natural, this is the real peculiarity of our precious decoctions.

      We have meticulously studied a path that goes to work forcefully on our metabolism, allowing us to expand the effects and results of our professional treatments:

      Targeted remise en forme treatment:
      PHASE 1 detox:
      45ml purifying decoction
      45ml very deflated decoction

      PHASE 2 reducing agent:
      30ml very deflated decoction
      30ml snellyplus decoction
      30ml zerokal decoction

      PHASE 3 slimming:
      30ml diuresis decoction
      30ml very deflated decoction
      30ml Garcinia decoction

      PHASE 4 body perfect:
      30ml diuresis decoction
      60ml Garcinia Cambogia decoction

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